4DX Theater in Bangalore

4dx theatre in Bangalore4dx theatre Bangalore

Today is the era of 4DX and Bangalore is up for it now. If you are looking for a 4dx theater in Bangalore, it has got 5. Around 60 – 70 years back it was all black and white. Not to our normal human eyes but for the video cameras we used to use that time. Hence, we used to get black and white movies. With these black and white movies we didn’t have any sound, later we started to get a Mono audio with the movies, which subsequently converted to Stereo sound. Then it evolved to color movies which we all began to see, but these movies are in 2D, and we just kept on improving the sound and even the color production and quality of these movies till the 1st decade of 21st century.

Once we reached to a respectable position in the 2D movies, and there was no scope to proceed further. Then we started to get some 3D movies, which we can see while wearing the stereoscopic glasses meant primarily for the movies. These 3D movies performed quite well when it came to experience, and people enjoyed the liveliness of the movies. Today we are going to talk about 4D or 4DX in Bangalore which is the next generation of the Movie watching experience.

What is 4DX theatre?

Now talking about one of the best motion picture technology developed by South Korean company CJ 4DPLEX. This new thing is known as 4DX, this thing adds an augmented reality by giving out environmental effects out of the screen to the viewers and this include seat motion, the wind, rain, fog, lights, and sometimes we can even get the fragrance along with the standard video and audio we get in the regular 2D or 3D movies.

This type of new experience was developed back in 2009, as we know Korea is way ahead India in such terms, but now they have even launched this project in India, and now we have a couple of different areas where we can experience 4D, although this comes at a premium of over 800 INR, you can experience the new upcoming technology in the movies. if you ask the question “what is 4DX theatre”, the answer is simple “The 4D experience“. These movies are usually short and range from 8 Mins to 15 Mins.

It’s a huge time when we will get the whole 182 Mins playback movies in actual 4DX experience, till then we will have to live up with the 3D and 2D print with Dolby sound we get till now. Let us talk about some of the places where we can enjoy the all new 4DX in Bangalore which is one of the largest city in India, and a place where young crowd now and then want to experience something new.

With the 4DX technology we get every effect experienced on the chair, be it flying, driving, or anything else going in the movie. Even things like Rain, Fog, The Wind and even other things can be experienced quickly. With this thing called 4DX Bangalore we are moving from aural and visual limits to a new limit of experiencing the real world with the movie.

4DX Movie Theatre in Bangalore

Bangalore being one of the best cities in India has quite a significant amount of Cineplex’s when it comes to the average cinema houses. The cost of a ticket in 4DX theatre in Bangalore is Rs.800 and above,

4dx theatre in Bangalore

4dx theatre Bangalore

so usually, people go for just experiencing the new thing. Hence there are only around 5 – 6 Places where we get the 4DX in Bangalore.  Here are the 5 Famous places where we can get 4DX experience in Bangalore:

  • PVR Phoenix Marketcity Movie Theater
  • Cinepolis Movie Theater – Royal Meenakshi Mall
  • Cinepolis Movie Theater – Orion Mall
  • Cinepolis Movie Theater – ETA Mall
  • Cinepolis Movie Theater – Sigma Mall

These five malls are famous all around Bangalore and are quite famous for regular outings among the crowd. These were one of the best places for the 4DX theaters, although there were many other areas where regular cinema is available, if you need 4DX, then this is the right place to come.

If you have not tried the 4DX cinemas in Bangalore, then you must try just to experience the future of Cinema that we will get in the next 20 years. Have you tried the 4DX cinema? What was your experience? Comment in the comment section below.

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