5 Best Museums In Bangalore

Popularly known as the garden city, Bangalore is located in the state of Karnataka in India. It is known for being the original ‘Rock Music Capital’ of India as well for its amazing weather, great food and lush gardens. The city has grown to become a Silicon Valley and is a beacon for aspiring entrepreneurs and techies. A little less known fact about Bangalore is the many beautiful museums which are located across various parts of the city. Bangalore cab service, keep the city well connected from all parts along with making it extremely affordable to travel. If you are a history lover or an art aficionado, here are the top sights to hit in Bangalore.


Government Museum

One of the oldest, most well-established museums in Bangalore, The Government Museum was established in 1865. One can get a car on rent in Bangalore and go on a cultural exploration making a quick stop at the museum which is located on Kasturba Road. It holds a vast collection of geological and archaeological treasures from different eras of time. It has 18 galleries within its boundaries. It makes for a great school trip for kids or even for travelers who want to take a leisurely stroll and explore the city’s best-kept secrets. Visitors can travel back in time and learn all about the Neolithic period to the ancient kingdoms of South India

Venkatappa Art Gallery

Art lovers must definitely make a stopover at the gallery that is right next to the Government museum called the Venkatappa Art Gallery. It houses a stunning array of artworks and painting by famous painters and artists especially those of K Venkatappa the renowned painter.

Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum

Every student of science or even otherwise must visit this museum which is located again in Sampangi Rama Nagar in Bangalore. It is extremely close to the Government Museum and is divided into two sections which contain several exhibitions exploring the different aspect of scientific discoveries, biotechnology, space and of course dinosaurs. There is also an auditorium which showcases a sky observation programme throughout the year. During the weekdays the museum also hosts a lot of scientific talks from renowned scientists and plays for children to understand the different concepts of sound, fluids, and aerospace. The latest of scientific innovations and inventions also are present in the museum.

HAL Heritage Centre & Aerospace Museum

This museum is located near Old Airport road and is run by Hindustan Aeronautical Limited and the museum has historical data on the growth of the aviation industry in India. The museum has helicopters, aircraft, fighter planes and even a flight simulator. Any aspiring pilots or anyone interested in planes, this one is a must- see the place.

Gandhi Bhavan

A museum dedicated to one of the greatest freedom fighters and father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi houses an entire picture gallery depicting his life and struggles. Located in Sheshadripuram, the museum provides visitors with information on Gandhi’s entire life and his freedom struggle. The walls of the museum also have all his famous quotes.

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