Chunchi Falls, Kanakapura near Bangalore – Images, Reviews and Route Map

Chunchi falls BangaloreChunchi falls in Bangalore

Bangalore happens to place the best of the places when it comes to living currently in India. Bangalore not only houses all the different types of IT industries for all kinds of IT Professionals but it also comes with some unusual places to visit all the young peoples. Not only the young people but the people of all ages can enjoy different places to visit in Bangalore. There are a couple of Water Falls in Bangalore which happens to be an excellent photographic place, an excellent place to hang out with people and a right place for people to have a picnic. Chunchi Falls in Bangalore happens to have Arkavati river which is having the best scenes for photographic views, and people will inevitably be fooled that you have got yourself photoshoot at a movie shoot location. Chunchi falls in between Sangma & Mekedatu. When you take the diversion from the road, the road is then full of greenery.

Chunchi falls distance from Bangalore

Chunchi falls is 90KMs distance from Bangalore. Like every other fall in every other place, you will have to take your vehicle as almost no public transport is available and you will surely be taking 3 hours to reach Chunchi Falls from Bangalore waterfall hence there is no need for any Taxi apps as they will not be coming to pick you up from the place. The path to the fall is a really narrow place with rocky and muddy places in the way.

How to go to Chunchi falls from Bangalore?

As stated, it’s going to take Chunchi Falls is 3 hours from Bangalore City. Chunchi falls Bangalore route map is as below

Chunchi falls route from Bangalore

  1. take the NICE Bangalore-Mysore Express way
  2. then enter the Kanakapura Road
  3. After Kanakapura, take the Kanakapura-Sangam Road for 40KMs
  4. take the left turn after “Temple on Lake” to reach Chunchi Falls Bangalore
Chunchi falls bangalore route map

Chunchi falls Bangalore route map

If you are planning to visit the place you will for sure need a pair of boots in order to save you from the slippery places. If you want to reach the Vantage point, then you need a short walk on dirt, gravel, mud, sand, and rocky terrain, in short, you will have to pass through each kind of territory to reach the place. From Vantage point, you can easily look at the Waterfall, and the fall will be the most beautiful from this place. In the Fall you also get a watch tower which will be an add-on providing you with the view of the terrain.

If you are looking for some adventurous trek in Chunchi Falls, then there is also a rocky path which will guide you to the bottom of the fall which will enable you to get a couple of more exciting shots and places to have a lovely picnic. The place is in the outer, so you must be cautious at the place, and hence you must not stay late in the night or even evening as you can end up calling unnecessary troubles to yourself. As this is the outer, hence you are not going to get shops and other treats so you must get a couple of things to eat, so you are not leaving the place due to hunger. You must even keep in mind that the river water is flowing at high speed hence you must not swim at the place, also you must keep in mind that there are crocodiles found hence you must be cautious of the same.

Chunchi Falls – Entry Fee, Opening hours

Chuchi Falls entry fee is Rs.0 ie, is free of cost, you can just walk in at any time. Officially Chunchi falls opening hours is 8:00AM to – 5:00PM. There people going early in the morning but this is not advisable since the area around is not very safe especially for families and couples.

Best time to visit Chunchi Falls

The best time to visit Chunchi Falls is from August to February which is the time when you are going to get plenty of water in the fall hence you can enjoy the view to the fullest. If you are looking to even visit the surrounding places while visiting the Chunchi fall then Sangam, Galibore Fishing Camp, Mekedatu falls, Bheemeswari are some of the best places. Even if you are visiting Mysore, then Chunchi falls to be the best place to visit if you have finished the attractions in Mysore even if there are plenty of them.

Recap: Chunchi Falls

  • Chunchi Falls Entry Fee: Rs.0, Free of Cost
  • Chunchi Falls Timings: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Open Every Day
  • Best Time to visit: August to February

Do let us know what you think about Chunchi fall which is a famous place among the college student who is often found after bunking the college in the comment section below. Also please update us if any information above is wrong and you feel other people must be updated of.

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