Half Helmets Banned in Bangalore from Today

Half Helmets Banned In Bangalore From TodayHalf Helmets Banned In Bangalore From Today

From today Half Helmets are banned in Bangalore. Police are now chasing down two-wheelers who use half helmets and sub-standard helmets which don’t come under the standards of Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). On tuesday Police conducted the first operation to seize helmets of low quality. The Central Motor Vehicles Act 1989 says that helmets used must be of BIS standards.

Helmets are still an integral protective headgear that conserves your head and face from unintentional injuries during an accident while riding. Lots of people favored half helmets since it gave great ventilation whilst riding on your bicycle along with protects your face, ears. The Bangalore Helmets analysis by Traffic Police says though the vast majority of those two-wheeler riders wear helmets in Bangalore, just half of these utilize appropriate helmets.

There are drivers that don’t know about the advantages of using helmets. This is the principal reason behind its helmet rule being enforced in most countries. Once you meet with an head-on collision or a major road accident, you’ll crack the full-face up the chin section of the helmet. The helmet thus stands as a protective barrier. If you had a half helmet this could have been your true chin and I am pretty confident your chin would have rocketed into the brain and you won’t be reading this today.

New Bangalore Helmet Rules

May people still prefer half helmets because, you’ve got more visibility with half helmets.  Well, that should not be the case here after. From Today, Half Helmets are banned in Bangalore as per new helmet rules in Bangalore. There are news there the police has charges people with Rs.200 fine for Half Helmets, but this is because it’s a starting. The charges might rise in future.


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  1. For scooters even at the time of buying the vehicles, they have provided open helmets.
    This is stupidity, these people have started looting us in the name of helmets also.
    Corrupt government, corrupt administration.

  2. Hi Even ISI marked helmets does not guarantee your safety. Indeed ISI or BIS does not own responsibility incase of injury…. due to helmet failure. Safe driving is an attitude. The materials used not safe at all… medically. When it comes to safety even wearing loose clothes like sari or dupatta is not safe. I think government does not have money to run the show or get more money for funding the coming election. Its high time we should voice collectively to stop this. Let the traffic police work on better control of traffic not simply standing at every corner just to collect fines leaving the actual job of traffic control…. in a way easy money

  3. chetan prakash | 4th January 2018 at 2:18 pm | Reply

    people having asthma problems cannot wear full helmet for short rides too.the govt as well as bangaluru tarffic should think about it.instead we can stress on half helmets with isi mark.so that rule can be followed and there is no problem for commuters.just think about a son and a grandmother who has to travel say about 6 kms and the grandmother is not able to wear a full helmet due to health issues.the son inspite of having a bike at home has to take an ola or uber and he has to spend money for it.think about this bengaluru

    here in bengaluru most of the families grand parents stay together no matter whatever is the size of the house.in that case we have to think once before these helmets are banned and rules are changed

  4. Mohammed Usman | 29th January 2018 at 5:26 pm | Reply

    If half helmet has doing banned first banned traffic & khaki police half helmet who r telling follow the rules their only not following properly rules & telling this is government order.. so I kindly request to traffic commissioner tell ur department to do follow rules….

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