Hesaraghatta Lake and Grasslands in Bangalore – Village, Farms, Route Map and Reviews

Hesaraghatta Lake and GrasslandsHesaraghatta Lake and Grasslands

Open space is something which everyone loves. It gives you the feeling of joy and also lets you bring your inner kids out. Earlier in days, there was less traffic, fewer buildings and less pollution which means you can easily get that sense in the city itself but with these cities turning into blocks of concretes you have less of open area to enjoy and get the fresh sense of openness.  Hence today we bring you a place named Hesaraghatta grasslands and the Hesaraghatta lake which is a gem of a place for all the people who are working 24 x 7 in cities and get weekends to enjoy. This place is near Bangalore which makes the place a nice destination for a road trip and then enjoying the whole day, and plans for return back home in the evening. Further, we will discuss the hesaraghatta lake route and the best time to visit hesaraghatta grasslands. In cities link Bangalore when you are surrounded by some buildings everyone needs a bit of time in the open area to enjoy and relax.

Hesaraghatta Grasslands


Hesaraghatta grasslands as it is clear with the name is a widespread grassland wherein one can enjoy the greenery and the open area to play games with the full spirit. The place is around 60 KM far from the city which translates to a day-long trip to the place. The trip can range from 50 – 150 KM of a drive depending on the place you are living in Bangalore. Hesaraghatta grasslands fall in the same category of the tourist’s places near Bangalore and hence have the same set of features to flaunt. Features include the place having less crowd as Bangalore is mostly work oriented city and people don’t like to waste much of the time in relaxing, and you will also get lots of green plantations and trees in the area.

Recently to save the grasslands around Bangalore the B.D.A. have planted over 30,000 trees in 200 acres which is a nice step towards avoiding pollution. Talking about the grassland, it is one of the only left grasslands in India which are not exploited and are saved from commercialization. The grassland is surrounded by Film and Art schools, and hence you can spot some of the film school candidates trying different styles and different way of cinematography. At the end of the grassland, there is a wide array of trees which can easily make you translate the scene to a movie of Karan-Johar, all this also translates that if you are a photography lover, then you are for sure coming here to get some awesome cinematic photos for your portfolio.

Hesaraghatta lake

Hesaraghatta comes with a river known as Arkavathi river which usually doesn’t have water in it, but you can easily find water in and after monsoon which can easily make you mesmerize the place. One of the shocking thing which you will find as you enter the Grassland is a No Entry board; you must mind that the board is for not taking the vehicle after that board to keep that lace-free from pollution which is a nice step taken by the government.

Hesaraghatta grassland is one of the places where you can sit below a tree and relax with your friends talking about the old golden days of your college, or your school. You can read books and do your work in the peace of nature. If you love cycling, then you can also visit the Hesaraghatta lake where you can enjoy cycling the day long on different terrains. Behind the grassland, we get a Dance Village where you get a host of different things to spot and look at. The first thing happens to be set of rarely found flowers and rarely found cars, i.e., vintage cars, and there are many of those. You will also have to pay a small entry fee to visit the Dance Village.

Best time to visit Hesaraghatta grasslands

The best time to explore the nature is during monsoon and just after that. Hesaraghatta grassland is nothing new, and here also you will have to be around the same time to enjoy the fullest. You might think that during monsoon you are going to get a lot of people coming and making it crowded, but that is not the case, the place is so big you can easily come without the headache of the place being crowded.

Have you been to Hesaraghatta grasslands before? Or if you are planning to visit the place shortly then do let us know what do you think about the place in the comment section below which will benefit other peoples to plan their trip around the place.

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