Why IT employees are not joining any unions?

The day when Tata consultancy laid off many employees in 2015, trade unions tried their best to unionize the industry, but at that time it failed to do so. With approx thousands of employees been laid off at the majors IT sectors of India in recent weeks, the trade unions are again active giving rise to IT Employees Union in Bangalore. The Telangana labour department has gave cognizant to reply for the allegation of illegal termination of employees those who had lodged complaints to the state government with the help of the unions. Our team asked some question regarding the problem to parimala panchatcharam who is the president of the forum.

Forum for IT Employees

Forum for IT Employees

The main motto behind the start of this forum was that 25,000 people were laid off from the companies in December 2014. From that period the forum is trying to help each and every individual by attracting them to their idea and all the voice of IT employees could be raised alternatively and effectively. Unions are not part of IT culture so they don’t be a part of the same. Another reason for the same is that none of the employee or very few employee. Mostly, an employee work almost for 3 years for a company as they frequently change jobs Also, here we have an appraisal system that is very biased hikes in salaries, promotions, etc. Makes the promotion of an employee and appraisal too.

The fear to join a union ie, IT Employees Union

A good rating means a good post in another company if they quit current job, so no one wants a bad rating by joining a union as it will have a negative impact on the current company. Every employee has a good relationship with the manager, so there is a fear among the employees to join IT Employees Union and disturb the management. People think that they can transfer from one company to another at an ease. But, they don’t have any clue that they don’t have any job security for their position as the company can remove them at any time and at any cost. This is the bitter truth!!!

Also, the main reason for many people switching their jobs is the biased appraisal system. There is no law to control this appraisal system. The company is the one and only which makes the rules for the same as in the salary hike or promotion. In 2014, when you started FITE, the main motive was to give justice to the employees that were laid off from the company that we performed and succeeded too. People weren’t ready yet to join the IT Employees Union but many of them did support later. Actually, they were scared as many people joined by giving their emails and they wanted their identity needs to be hidden. They were afraid that their job and many other things will be affected by joining IT Employees Union. They get a thought that being a part of union and fighting for what is right will leave a black mark on their career. Their voice against a small issue may cause problem in the management system
So, they feel forming an IT Employees Union is not needed. Recently, Tamil Nadu’s government said that IT employees also have the permission to form IT Employees Union.

There are almost 600-700 people in FITE out of which only 70-80 are quite active regarding daily activities and other stuff. Yes, out of lakhs of employees only 70-80 are active members. Yup, it is a difficult task to form IT Employees Union as only the fearless ones do come forward and join because no forceful activity is carried on about the same. But hope is still there, as the threshold limit for every human being crosses some day

Like other industries, Indian IT industry is also dependent on other industries. As every other sector adopts technologies like automation, it has affected IT sector too. This is due to Indian IT industry haven’t adopted new technologies. The industry must have prepared them well by training their employees instead of laying them off. In the meantime, companies recruit fresher’s as they won’t demand high package and ask the middle management people to leave. People who have quite good experience are getting redundant now. The company instead of training the experienced one, they let them go and recruit the fresher’s for the training process. This thing will cause economic crisis in urban areas as the same is faced by people of rural areas

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