Avian flu Bangalore

Avian Influenza Bird Flu in Bangalore

Avian Influenza¬†in Bangalore There is a fear of outbreak of Bird Flu or Avian Influenza in Bangalore. So far only one chicken has been found positive and that is in Dasarahalli, near Yelahanka. All chicken…

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Half Helmets Banned In Bangalore From Today

Half Helmets Banned in Bangalore from Today

From today Half Helmets are banned in Bangalore. Police are now chasing down two-wheelers who use half helmets and sub-standard helmets which don’t come under the standards of¬†Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). On tuesday Police…

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Why IT employees are not joining any unions?

The day when Tata consultancy laid off many employees in 2015, trade unions tried their best to unionize the industry, but at that time it failed to do so. With approx thousands of employees been…

IT Employees Union Bangalore

IT Employees Union coming up in Bangalore

IT Employees Union to address Layoff concerns A forum for IT employees is getting themselves all ready to register for the first union of tecky geeks in the country. Vasumathi (Vice president) of the union…