Paragliding in Nandi hills Bangalore

Paragliding in Nandi Hills BangaloreParagliding in Nandi Hills Bangalore

The question of Paragliding in Bangalore has been in minds for many and Nandi Hills is the answer. Nandi Hills in Bangalore have been known among the residents for the adventure activities which takes place here. Paragliding in Nandi hills took shape when Xtacee paragliding club took the initiative of spinning up the brand Fly Nandi. Nandi Hill is basically not just beside Bangalore but around 60 KM away from the city. Nandi Hill basically is located in the Chikkaballapur district of Karnataka. The Hill is full of greenery with grassland and different types of trees. Horticulture Department of the place have decided to open a different set of adventure activities at the place to make the tourists visiting the place entertained and full with the list of activities that are available for them at the place.

We get a nice panoramic view from the hilltop and even the nearby ancient hill will mesmerize you with the beauty and you will surely be taking lots of pictures of the place doesn’t matter you are a hobby photographer or not. As the place hosts a number of different adventure activities and Paragliding is one of them so today we are going to talk about Paragliding which is quite famous. Out of all the activities Paragliding is the best, and even the place is the topmost places for paragliding in India.

Cost of Paragliding in Nandi hills

So what is the cost of paragliding in Nandi hills Bangalore? Now, that’s a million dollar question that must go to Xtacee paragliding club [ ]. Well, tandem paragliding in Nandi hills price is Rs.3000 for tandem paragliding of 20min flight. In Tandem paragliding a professional paragliding staff will sit behind you and drive the flight. If you need to learn and do it yourself, it’s a different package. For complete training and do-it-yourself paragliding in Nandi hills cost is Rs.15,000 which will be a 5-day training and on the third, you will start doing it yourself.

Booking for Paragliding in Nandi Hills

Paragliding in Nandi hills booking is to be done through Fly Nandi, Xtacee Paragliding Club.

You can book through their website:

Fly Nandi, Xtacee Paragliding Club Contact: 9448225707, 080-26652427

For more details, you can drop them an email: flynandi@gmail.Com

Why choose Tandem Paragliding in Bangalore?

At first tandem paragliding in Bangalore was a pilot project which was confirmed to be there after seeing the huge response of the public. With paragliding, one can easily experience the feeling of a bird which can enjoy the Bird’s Eye view of the mountains, Greenland and much more. In Nandi Hill, anyone above the age of 12 can enjoy Paragliding at the place.

Nandi Hills hosts one of the best-suited terrains for paragliding and hence is a reason why professional paragliders and trainers recommend Nandi Hills to all the armature and beginners paragliders. Nandi Hills happen to have best of the trainers who teach you the best courses in Paragliding where you will be taught to launch the glide, flight at low level and also to maintain the right speed in the air. You can even opt to do the full courses at the place which ranges from 2 days to 15 days.

Nandi Hills happen to have a limit of 10 minutes to 40 minutes of flight time based on the charges it also depends on rush, usually during low rush you can even fly up to 1 Hour also. There are even individual trainers present which will guide you throughout the flight which is the safest option for all the new paragliders.

For photographers, Nandi Hills is the best place and hence if you wish to take a go-pro or action cam along with you, you can take but you won’t be allowed to carry a smartphone or DSLR during the flight although digital camera with straps will be allowed.

Summary: Paragliding in Bangalore

Nandi Hills found 60 kilometres from Bangalore in the area of Chikballapur, is a joy for each enterprise sports fan, and with paragliding being brought back, the experience shows signs of improvement. Nandi Hills has coverings, which makes the view from the captivating slopes amazing.

Paragliding was directed before by Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation (KSTDC), yet was later halted by the State Horticulture Department after it was viewed as an unsafe action. Presently expect a gigantic surge in the quantity of enterprise sports devotees as paragliding has been reintroduced. Flying uninhibitedly 4581 feet above ocean level can be an astounding background in fact. Numerous coaches and expert paraglider pilots incline toward Nandi Hills, because of the perfect territory for paragliding.

Do let us know if you think any information about Paragliding in Nandi Hills is missing in the comment section below, so readers can be aware of all the information. Also, let us know about your experience in Paragliding in Bangalore.


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