Things to do for Christmas Celebration in Bangalore

Orion Mall Bangalore ChristmasOrion Mall Bangalore Christmas

Christmas is one of the major festivals of Christians although with time it has become so familiar that even other people also have started to celebrate the same. Christmas Celebration in Bangalore has become so important that every comes gives a holiday on Christmas. People celebrate Christmas in Bangalore in their style; it’s not a festival like Diwali or Holi, where we have a specified format to celebrate the festival.

During a short holiday of Christmas when all the working people have a break of 4 – 5 days from the hectic workload, children’s have a long 10 – 12 days of holiday, many people plan for a trip to the country. Bangalore is one of the best places to visit if you are in Bangalore itself you might want to celebrate Christmas in a new format this time. Today we are going to tell you about ten different ways in which you can celebrate the grand festival of Christmas, either at your home or hotel room or visiting some or the other place to have some perfect time out with family.

Celebrate by watching some Christmas Movies

Many people want to be in the comfort of their couch and spend their weekend. Still, your family member wants you to celebrate Christmas in Bangalore? If there is a will there is a way, and same goes with this part, you can be on your couch and watch the movies related to Christmas such as The Santa Clause, It’s a Wonderful Life, Love Actually, Home Alone, and there are even other movies which you can watch and spend your time, gathering more knowledge about the festival.

Shop in the Christmas Sales

Orion Mall Bangalore Christmas

Orion Mall Bangalore Christmas

If you are someone who likes to save some bucks, then the best way to celebrate the holiday is go out with your family to the nearest malls where you can watch the latest Bollywood movie on the rolls and then have some snacks at McD or Pizza Hut. There are many malls in Bangalore such as Phoenix City Mall, Orion Mall where you will be getting some significant discounts on clothing’s, furniture, electronics and what not. Most of these malls even conduct Christmas events in Bangalore. You can get some deals which you will have to wait for next Diwali, so if you missed something on Diwali, then Christmas is the best place to get it for you on the same huge margin discount.

It will not be only about shopping; the malls will be already being ready in the Christmas mood, with a huge Christmas tree in the center of the mall. And many other festive things around the roof of the wall.

Christmas Tree Bangalore | Get a Christmas tree for Your House

One of the most important things in Christmas is the Christmas tree in Bangalore, and people like to get one for them and decorate it for the children. Most children like the Christmas tree for the shape, and the vast number of options to decorate the tree. You can delight your children’s with the decorations; you can either get an artificial pre-decorated Christmas tree or decorate an original Christmas tree at home.

Christmas Cake Bangalore | Bake a Rich Plum Cake

If you have already done plenty of shopping, not in a mood to go out for a dinner or something, and have already finished up with the movies. Then you can try your hands by baking the famous Christmas cake. The concept of Christmas Cake in Bangalore have come down a long way and people now prefer baking their own cakes. If you are new to cooking, then it doesn’t always matter for it to be round. In Bangalore there are quite a lot of bakeries where you can get one in case you do something wrong while making the cake.

Join the Mid Night Masses in Church

If you were the busy day long in some last moment work, then at night you can be a part of the midnight mass which many people don’t want to miss. Churches are usually lit up with stars and different candles and with Christmas lights. You can visit the St. Patrick’s Church or the St. Anthony’s Fairy church in Bangalore if you need to witness the original Christian ceremony. You can read on google about St Patrick church Bangalore Christmas mass timings and choose one of them.

Have Fun with Family and Friends at different event

In Bangalore there must be different kind of functions happening around the city, may it be the night club events with DJ Parties, or it is some family events without any alcohol. It can even be the social event in the club house; you can join anyone to celebrate the festival of Christmas.

A Perfect Family dinner

In Today’s hectic life there is barely any day when all the members of the family sit together at the dining table and have a dinner. It’s a holiday, and most of us might be free from most of our work, so control the hunger for some time, and have a family dinner with a beautiful setup table.

A Long Drive at the Streets of Bangalore

It’s a festival, and you might see late night parties, but for most of the part the roads in the evening are going to be empty after 12:00 hence you must go on a long drive with your girl friend or your newly wedded wife. This will be one of the best ways to celebrate a festival, where you don’t have to take part in any ritual, but you celebrate it because it is a typical festival.

Get some Household Jobs done

This is one of the most common things that most of the people do at home. Just because it’s a holiday people utilize the day to get some household jobs done because you won’t be getting time to do all the jobs once you are back to the office. You will get carpenters, electrocutions, plumbers all working on Christmas because it’s technically not a festival for many to go for a break.

Visit Every Church of Bangalore

Although we said about the midnight masses, you can even visit every church of Bangalore just as we visit every temple of Ganpati Jee during their festival or any other God’s festival. The Same way we can do the same and show respect towards Jesus.

These were some of the ways with which you can celebrate the festival of Christmas apart from the same old boring way of sitting at home and just talking with your children or wife or preparing for work the next day.


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